Venue of the event

ul. Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14, 01-222 Warszawa


10 min

from City Center


1500 places

parking lots


20 000 m2

of expo area



modern and safe

Thanks to the use of the state-of-the-art, advanced technologies and technical solutions, EXPO XXI is prepared to handle the most technically difficult events and guarantees the highest quality of organised events.

OVER 20.000 m2 of space: 13.500 m2 – halls, 1.500 m2 – conference rooms and meeting rooms, 5.000 m2 – outdoor exhibition

MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY – the architecture of the buildings, column-free surface allows for any arrangement of the fair event, congress, concert, evening gala, sports event or film production.

MODERN TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS – media ducts in the floor (water, electricity, telecommunication connections), large service gates, increased functional parameters (height 8-10 m, floor load up to 6 tons/m², possibility of hanging under the hall roof up to 45 tons), sufficient number of toilets with the possibility to adjust them depending on the nature of the event, 5 independent optical fibre lines, 3 megawatts of available electricity in two connections.

HIGH STANDARD – 10-metre-high soundproof wall, integrated sound system covering all halls, conference rooms and outdoor area, aesthetic terracotta tiles on the floor, air conditioning and access to daylight in the halls are the elements which together provide high quality.

SECURITY – is the foundation of successful fairs and events. The facility has numerous fire safety systems (with increased parameters), physical security installations, a technical building control system and constant supervision of security guards and fire protection personnel.

ADAPTED FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES – single-level halls, specially prepared parking spaces, driveways, toilets and elevators.

LOCATION – conveniently located (close to AK route and entry to A1 freeway, 20 min to the airport, 5 min to Warszawa Zachodnia railway station, 10 min to Warszawa Centralna railway station, public transport).



EXPO XXI is located in Warsaw's Wola district in the fastest growing area, very close to the Central and Western Railway Stations and the Frederic Chopin International Airport.


Distance from the city center: 3,5 km, ca. 11 min by taxi
(Warszawa Centralna Railway Station/Marriot Hotel/Palace of Culture).


Distance from Frederic Chopin Airport: 8,8 km, ca. 25 minutes by taxi.


Distance from Hotel Marriott: 3,4 km, ca. 10 minutes by taxi.
Distance from Hotel Westin: 3,4 km, ca. 9 minutes by taxi.
Distance from Hotel Sheraton: 5 km, ca. 20 minutes by taxi.
Distance from Hotel Moxy: 8,2 km, ca. 26 minutes by taxi.
Distance from Vola Residence: 2 km, ca. 6 minutes by taxi.

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